Firefox in Brazil

I wanted to share the tremendous progress that has been made so far in Brazil in 2008. Here's a summary of the activities and some of the results:

  • The number of daily active users has doubled from 1.2 million in November '07 to 2.5 million in August '08
  • Market share has increased from 19% in November 2007 to 27% in July 2008 (Source: Net Applications)
  • Brazil was an integral part of the Firefox 3 launch!
  • Mozilla participated in FISL, the largest open source conference in Brazil
  • The community is more involved than ever!

Community involvement:

Campus reps, evangelists, events organizers and contest participants, you name it! The community in Brazil is thriving, and we're very excited to see so much enthusiasm. In fact, one of the 3 grand prize winners of the Extend Firefox 3 contest is from Brazil and has been a very active member of the community this year. Congratulations to Felipe Gomes for the Tagmarks add-on.

Firefox 3 launch:

  • Firefox 3 and were fully localized
  • The Download day project was localized and everyone helped spread the word! Brazil was one of the top countries in terms of number of pledges.
  • Press: localization of the reviewer's guide, direct press outreach for download day and the launch, extensive press coverage in all major press outlets (including the printed version of Folha de Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest newspaper) and many blogs
  • Launch parties in 5 cities with 700 attendees

Fisl (April 2008):

Thank you all for making this possible! In particular, thanks to Marcio Galli, Bruno Magrani and Ronaldo Lemos for initiating and helping coordinate many of the activities. Thanks also to the fantastic team of localizers, including Jeferson Hultmann, Fernando Pereira Silveira, and Marcio Galli.

Stay tuned for more on what we're planning next for Brazil!

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