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  1. Firefox in Brazil: next steps

    A few weeks ago I summarized some of the activities of Mozilla in Brazil so far and promised an outline of the next steps.

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  2. From click to download to engagement

    This is a follow-up to the post on revisiting engagement and retention which provides an overview of the following puzzle: what happens to people who click to download Firefox but never become active users? To start the investigation, let's look at the user experience from click to download to engagement.

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  3. Revisiting Engagement and Retention

    We're in the process of revisiting opportunities for increasing user engagement and therefore retention. You may remember the Funnelcake experiment, which showed that a significant number of would-be Firefox users may fall out at different stages between the time they start downloading Firefox, and when they become active daily users.

    #firefox #engagement
  4. Next steps for

    Quite a few improvements to Sfx landed over the summer. Many thanks to Alex Buchanan and Paul Booker for their hard work! After analyzing traffic to the site, and gathering feedback from Sfx members and admins, we have also created a plan for the next set of improvements. The priority for next quarter is to redesign the homepage and top-level navigation of the site.

  5. Firefox in your country survey - update

    Two weeks ago, we launched a new pilot survey: Firefox in your country to better understand how and why people are using Firefox in specific markets. The initial set of countries targeted includes Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Poland, and Spain.

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  6. Firefox in Brazil

    I wanted to share the tremendous progress that has been made so far in Brazil in 2008. Here's a summary of the activities and some of the results.

    #firefox #brazil
  7. Firefox 3 launch: collecting pictures, videos

    The launch of Firefox was amazing with events around the world: download day fests, launch parties, and more! We would like to collect your pictures, videos, and stories from the launch to share them with everyone.

  8. Firefox 3 screencasts

    Firefox 3 has so many new and interesting features, we thought it would be great to showcase them in a few screencasts. And who would be better to help create those than some of the people involved in making Firefox 3!

  9. Tales of foxes, command centers, and ninjas

    As part of the launch of Firefox 3, John Slater and I worked closely with The Royal Order and Jason Meyer to create a video highlighting all the wonderful features of Firefox 3.

  10. What's up with

    As you probably know, relaunched a few months ago, thanks to a lot of hard work by the Mozilla marketing team (Asa, Rhian) and the community (Paul and Ian at Glaxstar, Jamey at GraphicsGuru, Ken Saunders, and many others). The new spreadfirefox (v2) is a true community marketing platform organized around your projects.