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  1. Refreshed downloading page on

    If you have downloaded the en-US version of Firefox in the past few days, you might have noticed a change in the page displayed while you are downloading (i.e. after you click on the download button).

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  2. Engagement update: top priorities

    There is an opportunity to increase the number of active Firefox users by making sure that people who choose to download Firefox successfully download and install it and increasing engagement of new users so they continue choosing Firefox in subsequent browsing sessions

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  3. Celebrate the holidays with Firefox

    Check out the new holiday page on Spreadfirefox. You'll find holiday themes, banners, buttons, even snow globes to decorate your browser and your web page. You'll also find a list of add-ons to make your holiday shopping easier, and some ideas for sharing Firefox with others.

  4. Which brand do you know best: Mozilla or Firefox?

    In past discussions and research, we have found variations in Firefox and Mozilla brand awareness around the world. This is important to know to make sure we communicate effectively in each country. So we decided to add the question as part of the Firefox in your country survey.

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  5. What are the barriers to using Firefox?

    One of the goals of the Firefox in your country survey is to gain a better understanding of the perceived barriers to using Firefox. Below are the round 1 responses for two questions that address this.

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  6. Biggest factor in getting people to try Firefox: a recommendation

    According to the Firefox in your country survey (1st round), the biggest factor in getting people to try Firefox is a recommendation from a friend or an expert. Here's the exact question we asked you: What do you think is THE biggest factor in getting people to try Firefox?

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  7. Firefox in your country survey: round 2

    Today we're launching round 2 of the Firefox in your country survey with a new list of countries and new and improved questions. The survey will remain open until December 26th. Thanks to Staś Małolepszy and Mozilla's awesome team of localizers, the survey is available in 15 languages: English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish (Spain, Argentina, Mexico), Catalan, Czech, Hebrew, Romanian, Sinhala, Vietnamese, Dutch, and Frisian!

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  8. Brazil: Firefox wins Info's best software of the year award

    Firefox was just chosen by Info Magazine as the best software and best browser of the year for 2008.

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  9. What's the most compelling Firefox feature? Tabs of course!

    According to the Firefox in your country survey tabbed browsing is still viewed as the most compelling Firefox feature! Here's the exact question: What do you think would be the most compelling product feature for people who you know?

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  10. Firefox in your country survey results

    We launched the pilot Firefox in your country survey last September and received 9,506 responses, which is amazing given the length of the survey (20 questions). Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond and to spread the word about the survey. Since this is the first time we ran the survey, we wanted to do a test run first and targeted 7 countries: Brazil, India, Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Spain, and Australia. However, answers came in from all over the world! Given the enthusiasm, we're definitely planning to extend the survey to more countries.

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