Engagement update: top priorities

There is an opportunity to increase the number of active Firefox users by:

  • making sure that people who choose to download Firefox successfully download and install it
  • increasing engagement of new users so they continue choosing Firefox in subsequent browsing sessions

Check out past posts for a more complete overview of the opportunity: revisiting engagement and retention and from click to download to engagement.

After getting feedback from the community and analyzing the latest surveys and market research, we have put together a list of the next priorities for engagement and retention and proposed corresponding projects:

  • Remove any barriers to successful download and installation to make sure that users who intentionally click on the download button will get to the first run page. This will be done mainly by optimizing the download.html page and providing targeted support.
  • Make the availability of support top-of-mind so users who encounter an issue even months after installing Firefox will remember that help is available and contact Mozilla support instead of just switching browsers.
  • Help new users become power users of Firefox sooner so they can experience the benefits of Firefox right away and break old habits. Ex: more [tips & tricks][http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/tips/) available via multiple channels (such as email or live bookmarks), more add-ons collections, more videos.
  • Engage the Mozilla community to help showcase the benefits of using Firefox, so we will be gathering more video and text testimonials. Because engagement starts at the acquisition stage (when someone decides to switch) we'll also be asking for your help in getting the engagement message out: when you tell your friends about Firefox, tell them about add-ons and a few cool features too.
  • Facilitate the transition from other browsers to make switching simple. We're going to provide a guide for switching to help potential new users become familiar with Firefox quickly and to answer their most frequent questions.
  • Address site incompatibility issues, whether real or perceived, to ensure users enjoy the best possible experience on Firefox.

I'll be blogging about each point in the next few weeks, including some of the projects that have already started, but you can get a sneak preview on the Engagement wiki page, which has summary slides describing the opportunity and the priorities.

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