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  1. Help your friends switch to Firefox!

    Today we're unveiling a new page on Spread Firefox: the switch page. If you're passionate about Firefox and want to tell others about it, this is the page for you. It has lots of information and tools for a switch campaign of your own.

    #sfx #firefox #engagement
  2. Refreshed downloading page on mozilla.com

    If you have downloaded the en-US version of Firefox in the past few days, you might have noticed a change in the page displayed while you are downloading (i.e. after you click on the download button).

    #firefox #engagement
  3. Engagement update: top priorities

    There is an opportunity to increase the number of active Firefox users by making sure that people who choose to download Firefox successfully download and install it and increasing engagement of new users so they continue choosing Firefox in subsequent browsing sessions

    #firefox #engagement
  4. From click to download to engagement

    This is a follow-up to the post on revisiting engagement and retention which provides an overview of the following puzzle: what happens to people who click to download Firefox but never become active users? To start the investigation, let's look at the user experience from click to download to engagement.

    #firefox #engagement
  5. Revisiting Engagement and Retention

    We're in the process of revisiting opportunities for increasing user engagement and therefore retention. You may remember the Funnelcake experiment, which showed that a significant number of would-be Firefox users may fall out at different stages between the time they start downloading Firefox, and when they become active daily users.

    #firefox #engagement