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  1. Help your friends switch to Firefox!

    Today we're unveiling a new page on Spread Firefox: the switch page. If you're passionate about Firefox and want to tell others about it, this is the page for you. It has lots of information and tools for a switch campaign of your own.

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  2. Celebrate the holidays with Firefox

    Check out the new holiday page on Spreadfirefox. You'll find holiday themes, banners, buttons, even snow globes to decorate your browser and your web page. You'll also find a list of add-ons to make your holiday shopping easier, and some ideas for sharing Firefox with others.

  3. Next steps for Spreadfirefox.com

    Quite a few improvements to Sfx landed over the summer. Many thanks to Alex Buchanan and Paul Booker for their hard work! After analyzing traffic to the site, and gathering feedback from Sfx members and admins, we have also created a plan for the next set of improvements. The priority for next quarter is to redesign the homepage and top-level navigation of the site.

  4. What's up with spreadfirefox.com?

    As you probably know, spreadfirefox.com relaunched a few months ago, thanks to a lot of hard work by the Mozilla marketing team (Asa, Rhian) and the community (Paul and Ian at Glaxstar, Jamey at GraphicsGuru, Ken Saunders, and many others). The new spreadfirefox (v2) is a true community marketing platform organized around your projects.