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Quite a few improvements to Sfx landed over the summer. Many thanks to Alex Buchanan and Paul Booker for their hard work!

After analyzing traffic to the site, and gathering feedback from Sfx members and admins, we have also created a plan for the next set of improvements.

The priority for next quarter is to redesign the homepage and top-level navigation of the site. There is a lot of information on the current page, which makes it difficult for new users to navigate.

We envision three parts to the redesign:

  • Create a simplified homepage with an explanation of what Sfx is about, a community spotlight, and a call to action.
  • Create a new page for members to track Sfx activity. This is where members will go to see what is happening on the site: events, new groups, new posts, etc.
  • Update the navigation to improve usability. This includes making the header smaller so more page content is visible without scrolling, and making the menus easier to find. We'll also add the activity page and the campus reps program to the top level menus.

In addition to the big redesign, we're planning to add a content aggregator to gather Firefox marketing content posted outside of Sfx and publish it to the site. The long term vision is to aggregate all things related to Firefox marketing (including tweets, photos, videos...) but we'll start with a simpler blog aggregator. We're hoping to have content from Mozilla marketing, but also from Sfx members who are blogging about spreading Firefox around the globe.

Finally, there are many smaller tweaks, including new content creation (how to get started/tutorials) and some bugs fixes.

You can see the full plan posted on the Sfx group which we're using to discuss and keep track of updates to the site.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who are helping with the development and day-today operations of the site! We're always looking for more help, so contact us if you're interested!

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