What's up with spreadfirefox.com?

As you probably know, spreadfirefox.com relaunched a few months ago, thanks to a lot of hard work by the Mozilla marketing team (Asa, Rhian) and the community (Paul and Ian at Glaxstar, Jamey at GraphicsGuru, Ken Saunders, and many others).

The new spreadfirefox (v2) is a true community marketing platform organized around your projects.

So what's the status today?

Good things are happening!

  • New community members are joining Sfx and creating organic groups around initiatives they're passionate about! In particular, it's been great to see people from around the world creating local groups. We are connecting directly with many international community members (check out our starter guide to see project ideas)
  • Events! All Mozilla events are posted on Sfx (thanks Mary!)
  • The Firefox 3 t-shirt contest (vote until 3/30!) has been a featured project of sfx and a great success.
  • 500 million downloads! The celebration happened on spreadfirefox!

There is more work to do:

  • The site is alive! So we are still working to list and address the usability issues and bugs in this new version of sfx. Help us by reporting issues on the sfx2 feedback group. We are also thinking about what sfx3 should look like, so post your ideas there as well!
  • We are making lots of new contacts, in particular with international community members, we need to do more to report this on the site and make it visible to all!
  • We have featured many official projects, like the t-shirt contest, or extend Firefox 3. We would like to feature more of your projects: let us know which ones you would like us to put in the spotlight!

What can you do?

  • Create an account
  • Check out the list of current organic groups and join initiatives you're interested in and start posting! Ask a question, make a suggestion, see how you can contribute. Sometimes all it takes is some person to help a project move forward!
  • Give us feedback on the current affiliates program
  • As mentioned previously, you can help us track issues and feature requests in the sfx2 feedback group.

Thanks to all the long time members of spreadfirefox and all the new members who have recently joined and are making the site a success! (To name a few in addition to the above: Ottodv, Stormbringer, LouCypher, and Jeremy Glassenberg)

Thanks also to morgamic, the webdev and the IT teams at Mozilla for all their help!

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