Firefox in your country survey - update

Two weeks ago, we launched a new pilot survey: Firefox in your country to better understand how and why people are using Firefox in specific markets.

The initial set of countries targeted includes Australia, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Poland, and Spain.

We have received 8,500 responses so far, this is phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who has answered the survey and helped spread the word about it.

We are still hoping to get a few more answers from Australia and India before the survey closes, so we would really appreciate your help in reaching out to people in those countries.

What's next? Once we get the results, we'll analyze them and publish aggregate data (no personal information). We'll also use these results to tweak the questions in the survey, if needed, before extending it to more countries. We've been thrilled to see how many people have expressed interest in helping localize and publicize the survey.

Thanks for your help with this project!

By @Alix Franquet in
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