Firefox in Brazil: next steps

A few weeks ago I summarized some of the activities of Mozilla in Brazil so far and promised an outline of the next steps. Here they are:

Introducing the Mozilla Brazil blog

Check out the Mozilla in Brasil blog to see the latest news about Mozilla and Firefox in Brazil, in Portuguese! We're hoping to have a mix of updates on current activities in Brazil, release announcements, and guest posts from the community. We're very excited to launch this new blog!

Announcing the LAN House project

LAN Houses are the cybercafes of Brazil, used by 49% of Internet users. Mozilla is suporting a new initiative to understand better LAN Houses and see what Mozilla can do to help. We're creating a forum for LAN house owners to bring up the issues they are facing, and communicate with each other. We're also organizing a meeting with LAN house owners in Rio in December. Let us know if you'd like to participate!

Firefox in Brazil survey

Brazil was part of the pilot for the Firefox in your country survey. We're still analyzing the 1,510 responses, but here are some highlights:

  • 87% of respondents use Firefox as their primary browser
  • 91% are using Firefox 3
  • 96% have recommended Firefox
  • 43% say a recommendation from a friend is the biggest factor in getting people to try Firefox
  • 41% say that not knowing about Firefox is the biggest inhibitor to getting people to use Firefox
  • 92% of respondent have installed an add-on
  • Tabbed browsing is seen as the most compelling feature for people the respondents know
  • Firefox is primarily used at home

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to respond and spread the word about the survey! We will be posting more details shortly.

More online fun

Stay tuned for details on an upcoming online contest... all we can say is that it will involve video.

As always, we will also continue focusing on events, PR, campus reps, and most of all supporting the community in Brazil in any way we can. If you have projects you'd like help with, let us know!

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